We are a small outfit based in Sydney; we have a show touring interstate with a small set that is being travelled by our crew flying and driving: includes musical instruments, laptop, portable projection screens. Interstate presenters apparently don’t pay insurance for these, so it appears we incur the cost for these, and require to take out extra cover? Through our insurance broker? Travel agent? Or airline?

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John Smithies MODERATOR ADVISOR said on Thu 7th Sep, 2017
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Hi Yayoi. If you are going to do a lot of touring then it might be cost effective to get a broad annual travel insurance cover through a broker. That will be cheaper than a tour-by-tour insurance. For specialist arts insurance you can go to a company like ArtSure (http://artsure.com.au) as they are specialist and a short-term cover might be all you want. You can also check out if they have competitive total annual insurance.

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